Transvaginal mesh is a medical product that hurts women.

What is transvaginal mesh?

According to the Medline Plus Medical dictionary:

  • The word transvaginal is an adjective which means “passing through or performed by way of the vagina.”
  • The word mesh is a noun which means “a flexible netting of fine wire used in surgery especially in the repair of large hernias and other body defects.

What is transvaginal mesh? Transvaginal meshis a type of surgical mesh inserted through the vagina. The surgical mesh is much like a woven fabric that is implanted during pelvic surgery. P

Transvaginal mesh fixed to the vaginal formix.

Transvaginal mesh fixed to the vaginal formix.

What is transvaginal mesh used to treat?

Transvaginal mesh is use to treat two conditions suffered by many women::

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) occurs when the tissues that hold the pelvic organs in place become weak or stretched. Thirty to fifty percent of women may experience POP in their lifetime with 2 percent developing symptoms. When POP happens, the organs bulge (prolapse) into the vagina and sometimes prolapse past the vaginal opening. More than one pelvic organ can prolapse at the same time. Organs that can be involved in POP include the bladder, the uterus, the rectum, the top of the vagina (vaginal apex) after a hysterectomy, and the bowel. Pelvic organ prolapse is sometimes referred to as a pelvic floor disorder.
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence – Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a leakage of urine during moments of physical activity, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise.

Women after tennis match

Click here for more pictures of transvaginal mesh, bladder sling and bladdder erosion from the FDA and the National Institutes of Health.

In July 2011, the FDA warned surgeons and patients that patients that surgical placement of mesh through the vagina to repair pelvic organ prolapse may expose patients to greater risk than other surgical options.

Many women have had surgery implanting transvaginal mesh to treat their pelvic prolapse or bladder prolapse. In the transvaginal mesh surgery, a transvaginal mesh is implanted inside the vagina and it is used to create a bladder sling or a pelvic sling. This treatment can also be used to reinforce the vaginal wall.

What are transvaginal mesh complications?

According to the FDA, the most frequent complications included erosion through vaginal epithelium, infection, pain, urinary problems, and recurrence of prolapse and/or incontinence. There were also reports of bowel, bladder, and blood vessel perforation during insertion. In some cases, vaginal scarring and mesh erosion led to a significant decrease in patient quality of life due to discomfort and pain, including dyspareunia. Transvaginal mesh complications cause pain during sex and other normal activities.

What is transvaginal mesh | Bladder erosion of type I polypropylene mesh

Bladder erosion of type I polypropylene mesh

Treatment of the various types of complications included additional surgical procedures (some of them to remove the mesh), IV therapy, blood transfusions, and drainage of hematomas or abscesses.

Vaginal mesh complications can make it painful for women to sit, walk and have sexual intercourse. It is not always possible to reverse transvaginal mesh surgery. Some women have multiple operations to remove pieces of the mesh, but this does not always relieve the complications.

What is a transvaginal mesh lawsuit?

Many women who have suffered transvaginal mesh complications have filed ltransvaginal mesh awsuits against the makers of the transvaginal mesh that was used in their operations. Most of these transvaginal mesh lawsuits blame the mesh manufacturers, not the surgeons who implanted the transvaginal mesh.

In other words, if you are suffering from complications from transvaginal mesh surgery, you may be able to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit without suing your own doctor. In many or most cases, surgeons relied upon the information given to them by the mesh manufacturer and the FDA. There are hundreds of women who have filed a transvaginall mesh lawsuit against the mesh makers without suing their doctors. Click on this link for a list of transvaginal mesh manufacturers and products.

A woman who files a transvaginal mesh lawsuit may be able to recover money to pay for her pain and suffering, her additional medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Family members of the woman may also be able to collect money in their own right.

Many of thestransvaginal mesh lawsuits.have been consolidated into Multidistrict Litigation in federal court. Here is a partial list of some of the MDL transvaginal mesh lawsuits:

  • C.R. Bard, Inc. (Multidistrict Litigation No. 2187);
  • American Medical Systems, Inc. (Multidistrict Litigation No. 2325);
  • Boston Scientific Corp. (Multidistrict Litigation No. 2326); and
  • Ethicon, Inc. (Multidistrict Litigation No. 2327).

If you have suffered complications from transvaginal mesh, you can contact an attorney to discuss your legal right to collect money in a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. Also, if your doctor has not already reported your case to the FDA, you can use the FDA’s reporting system to report transvaginal mesh problems to the FDA. The FDA encourages the reporting of problems with transvaginal mesh.


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